Braunability Handicap Vans




Easy Mobility for the Whole Family

The Dodge CompanionVan® offers the accessibility of a traditional lowered-floor minivan in a streamlined, economical package. With a manual or optional power door and bi-fold ramp, the vehicle is the perfect choice for those who travel with an attendant or by themselves. Both front seats and the rear seat can be retained during the conversion process, allowing seating for up to four ambulatory adults with one wheelchair securement position in the center lowered-floor area. Other options include wheelchair placement in the front passenger side or as the vehicle driver. The Dodge CompanionVan® floor is lowered from behind the front seats to the rear seat, providing 55" for the center wheelchair securement position. Tie-down tracks and a belt system are included.

The CompanionVan® SE floor is lowered from behind the front seats to the rear seat, providing plenty of space for the center wheelchair position.

Each wheelchair van includes a standard floor-track and belt system that secures the wheelchair for transit. An optional retractable belt system is versatile and convenient. Quiet Drive® is a ground-breaking noise reduction technology offered exclusively on BraunAbility wheelchair vans. Quiet Drive® reduces noise for a more enjoyable driving experience by using advanced acoustic techniques to identify and then block noise from entering the vehicle cabin, resulting in up to 25% overall reduction in wheelchair van noise.

Ask about Chrysler Mobility rebate money to help offset the cost of the Braun conversion.
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