What Major Component Groups are Not Covered by the Added Care Plus Plan?

The Added Care Plus plan of the Mopar Vehicle Protection program covers the powertrain and specific other components—850 parts altogether. The Maximum Care plan includes over 5,000 parts. It is crucial that every Mopar Protection plan holder understand these large component group coverage differences.

Whether a part breaks down in Avon Park, FL or out in the country, the Maximum Care plan covers so much more. The Maximum Care plan covers itemized body parts, safety components, and manual interior mechanism. These parts include such essentials as airbags, hazard light systems, ignition switch lock mechanisms, and seat belt assemblies. Also covered only by the Maximum Care package are seat mechanisms, cup holder mechanisms, door check straps, glass tracks and channels, and door, hood and trunk lid hinges.

At Wells Motor Company, we go through the differences in the coverage provided by both plans to allow you to make an informed decision.

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