Best Passive Safety Features in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Passive safety features include things that work behind the scenes. You won’t see them in your daily drive, and you might not know you have these features unless you are in an accident and they work to keep you safe. It’s important you know what you’re getting, however, in terms of passive safety features.

Front and rear crumple zones are among the most important passive safety features in this vehicle. Crumple zones take the energy that occurs during an accident and direct it to these areas rather than sending the full amount of impact to the passengers in the vehicle. Seven airbags found in the seats, the knee-area, and other common areas in this vehicle work to comprise the second most important safety feature that works passively.

Test drive an all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee at Wells Motor Company to see what else you get in terms of safety in this vehicle. Avon Park, FL is safer thanks to Jeep’s focus on safety features in all it vehicles.

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